Winter Igloo


There’s a certain magic about snow and winter that kids love. This lovely playhouse is the perfect toy to roleplay a snowy day in a cold igloo in the comfort of your living room, or even in a summer day in your favorite park.
The Winter Igloo is playhouse carefully created to offer your kids and toddlers a fun space to play, interact, express themselves and create new worlds. Thanks to its light materials and collapsible design it is easy to carry with you anywhere your kids go.

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Winter Igloo playhouse main features:

  • Resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Non toxic
  • Durable
  • Playhouse Dimensions: 60” diameter, 36” high.

Play time is essential for kids’ development, and self-expression. With all technology surrounding our everyday life, it is important that you offer your kids a place to just let their imagination run and create fun worlds as an expression of what they dream of.
This winter themed playhouse is the perfect place for your kids to get lost in amazing worlds of their own creation. It was designed for children ages 1-6 years old as a way to stimulate their creativity and foster special bonds.

3 reasons that will make you love the Winter Igloo as much as your kids do

We are committed to create toys that offer your kids smart play and stimulation. This playhouse promotes creative play, by becoming the perfect scenario for amazing adventures and a canvas for them to express their art.
The Winter Igloo playhouse was created with both, kids and parents in mind. We want to bring joy to your home with a fun, safe and unique toy for a fun playdate with your kids.

Take the fun anywhere
Imagine camping in an igloo in your own living room…sounds like a fun night, right? Now picture your kids, having a blast in the same igloo, but this time in your favorite park, during a picnic day…sounds just perfect.
The Winter Igloo is made with a collapsible design, that you can easily disassemble and put in a small package (24”x24”x3.5”.) to carry with you anywhere you go. Plan for a day in the park, a fun day out in your own garden or just a playdate at a friend’s house and bring the magic with you.

100% Safe for kids and toddlers
When it comes to designing toys and playhouses for toddlers, safety is one of the first things to keep in mind. At Nimo Play we take this very seriously, so every one of our designs is free of small pieces that could be dangerous and include rounded corners to avoid accidents.
The Winter Igloo Playhouse was created in corrugated plastic, one of our favorite materials for toys, especially toys for toddlers. It is very light weighted, resistant, and non-toxic. It is a 100% safe space to play and have fun.


If you have a little artist at home that likes to put color with his crayons and markers everywhere they go, then the Winter Igloo might become your own favorite toy. The corrugated plastic is completely washable, so you can clean it up after each use and it will be ready for a new adventure.
Complement the playtime with some magic markers, and you are opening a new world of fun for your kids. Let them decorate the igloo with stars, hearts, flowers and anything that their imagination brings.
Did you know that drawing and coloring are essential activities for toddlers and small children? It is a channel for them to express their feelings freely. Besides, coloring fosters the development of motor skills in a fun way.

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