Violet House


Does your kid dream with living in a dollhouse? This beautiful Violet Castle Playhouse is the perfect playhouse to play, dream and make magic come true, using the power of imagination. The best toys for toddlers and small kids are those that stimulate their creativity allowing them to create a world of their own.
The violet castle is the perfect present for girls ages 1- 6. It offers a safe space where kids not only can play, but also draw a color the walls leaving their imagination take over and express themselves through art. It is water resistant and washable, so you can easily clean it after every use.

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Violet Castle Playhouse main features:

  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • 5 years materials guarantee
  • Easy to clean
  • Non toxic
  • Playhouse Dimensions: 48” Front, 24” side, 40” high.

We create beautiful playhouses that kids love, because it gives them a safe space to imagine a magic world. Parents, on the other hand, dream of being kids again to play. A bonus? It is easy to clean and transport everywhere.
The Violet Castle Playhouse will become your kids’ new favorite spot in your house. They can dream of being the princess in charge of a fun party and with the power of magic markers decorate with beautiful drawings.

Why choosing the Violet castle as a present for your kid?

Kids need to be kids, they need to have a comfort space where they can explore and become the characters they dream of. Our playhouses offer a thrilling and fun place to stimulate your children’s imagination.
The Violet Castle collapsible playhouse is specially designed and created playhouse fosters strong bonds, allowing you to interact with your kids and be part of their playtime. We believe in the power of creating memories together to foster development and well-being.

Take the fun anywhere
Are you planning a camping trip or a picnic day? You can take the Violet Castle Playhouse with you and offer you kid an opportunity to play and have fun outdoors in a safe environment.
It is lightweight, and easy to build and disassemble; in only a few minutes you’ll be ready to go – or to play-. Take the magic with you, anywhere you go, whether it is inside your home, your garden or even a park. You can carry the Violet Castle in a practical and small bag; 26”x26”x3”.

100% Safe for kids and toddlers
Small kids like to explore and investigate everything in their surroundings, including toys and playhouses. With this though in mind, our creations are built with rounded corners, and no small pieces that can become a hazard.
The material used in the Violet Castle is corrugated plastic, which is non-toxic, very light weighted and resistant. It is the perfect playground where your kids can play and have fun without any worries.


Coloring and drawing are crucial activities in a kid’s life; they become a channel for them to express themselves: their ideas, emotions and even fears. With the washable wall, the Violet Castle can become the canvas your kid needs to explore their abilities and develop their motor skills.
It is the perfect gift for those little artists that love leaving their artistic mark everywhere they go. With just magic markers and the Violet castle playhouse they can create the world they dream of.
And you, won’t have to worry about a thing. Since it is water resistant, you can easily clean every detail after use and open a new page in this beautiful and creative coloring book.

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