Take your kids in a fun and joyful adventure in a far west saloon in the comfort of your home. This collapsible playhouse is the perfect gift to stimulate creativity by taking your kids in an exciting journey of roleplay and art, away from electronic devices and with the focus of just being kids,
The Saloon Playhouse can be the perfect present for kids, boys and girls from ages 1 to 6. You can take with you to a fun day outdoors in the park or in the garden, or just enjoy and indoor camping in your own living room during cold days.

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Main Features:

  • Resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Non toxic
  • Durable
  • Playhouse Dimensions 40”, 40”, 30”

In an age where technology seems to keep children in front of a screen all day, toys that stimulate creativity are precious. This saloon is more than a playhouse since it is designed to allow children to draw and color its walls and decorate them.

Toys that foster interaction at young age are valuable to help your kids create strong bonds while having fun creating an exciting world of play.

What makes the Saloon the perfect gift?

We believe in the importance of creating toys that stimulate smart play, creativity and imagination. This fun playhouse offers the perfect scenario for new adventures and games alone or with other kids.
Our commitment is to offer a toy that both, parents and kids will enjoy. Bring the excitement of a playground to your house and take with you everywhere you go.

Take the fun anywhere
If you love outdoor activities, the Saloon can become the perfect companion for you. You can take this fun playhouse with you to a day in the park, a picnic or a playdate with friends. It has a collapsible design that you can easily disassemble and punt in a practical, small package to carry everywhere you go.
For colder winter days, you can set up a fun camp in your own living room and create a wild west scenario to have exciting adventures.

100% Safe for kids and toddlers
When creating playhouses and toys for kids and toddlers, safety is a big priority for us at Nimo Play. With this in mind, every one of our designs is created with rounded corners to avoid accidents, and it doesn’t include small pieces that could be dangerous.
The Saloon is created in one of our favorite materials for toys: corrugated plastic. We love it so much because it is resistant, non-toxic and very light weighted. It is a space 100% safe.


Many kids love to color everywhere they go, walls, doors and even furniture. Specially young children find a way to express their feelings, fears and emotions through drawing, and even though it makes them happy, it can be a nightmare for parents.
The saloon offers the perfect solution for you and your kids. Its washable doors are magic markers friendly, so you children can decorate them as they please without worrying about ruining. You can easily clean after use and open a new coloring page in this exciting playhouse/coloring book.
Drawing and coloring are important activities for children and toddlers. Not only because it is a way for them to express themselves, but because it allows them to practice and develop motor skills.

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