Medieval Grey Castle


Spark joy and creativity with a fun, foldable castle that your kids will love. The Medieval Castle Playhouse will take your kids in a fun journey of roleplay and excitement where they can forget about electronic devices and just enjoy the bliss of being a child.  

It is the perfect gift for both, boys and girls ages 1 to 6 years old. It is collapsible, washable, water resistant, safe and easy to store. Your kids can play indoors or outdoors with the castle and feel the joy of a small, personalized playground in their own home.

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Medieval Castle Playhouse main features:

  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • 5 years materials guarantee
  • Easy to clean
  • Non toxic
  • Dimensions: 40” diameter, 30” high

In today’s world, technology has taken pretty much every aspect of your lives, and this includes childhood. But kids need stimulation, they need to play with other kids and enjoy those special moments lost in their own worlds.

Nothing compares to the joy of playing in a castle and imagining living epic adventures as a king, queen or knight. This Medieval Castle is the perfect safe space to explore new worlds inside your house or in your garden.

What makes our medieval castle playhouse the perfect present for your kids?

Playhouses are a fun and exciting way to stimulate your kid’s creativity and imagination. They are the kind of toy that not only offer entertainment but also, reinforce your child’s development and wellness.

As for you, it’s an excellent choice because it’s a safe space where you kids can play near you inside or outside your home.

Take the fun anywhere
It is lightweight, which makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go, either it is a playdate at a friend’s house, the park, the beach, your garden or your living room.
On the other hand, it is easy to assemble, in just a few minutes you can build a magic castle for your kids to make their dreams come true. After they finish, you can quickly disassemble it into a small bag of only 26”x26”x2.5”.
100% Safe
The collapsible playhouses are made with corrugated plastic which is resistant enough to support kids playing inside without the risk of folding and trapping them.
The Medieval Castle Playhouse has a unique design, carefully created with no small pieces that can be a hazard. All corners are round, so there’s no risk of harm while playing and having fun. Enjoy a fun toy 100% safe for toddlers and kids.


This washable playhouse is perfect for those little ones that love painting their art everywhere. So, let them bring out their magic markers and decorate the castle with stars, flowers, smiley faces and all the wonderful ideas in their minds.
After they have finished their work of art, you can easily clean the walls and leave the castle as good as new.
Did you know that coloring and drawing is an important mean of expression for children? Allow them to color on surfaces and inspire their creativity while they develop their fine motor skills and control finger and hand grip and movement.

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