Welcome to NimoPlay!

 A Canadian Toy Company

We design and create play spaces that parents want and kids love

Who we are

We are a Canadian manufacturing company, created in Calgary to serve families with a new concept of play spaces that foster stronger bonds at an early age.

At NimoPlay we are fully committed on providing smart play time and a safe place where children and parents can create memories together.

Our mission

Design and manufacture high quality toys which provide children with unlimited possibilities for fun and learning.

Our vision

Inspire our customers and partners to power creativity and imaginative play through educational toys for toddlers and children.

Our value

We encourage development growth

As a manufacturing company, we aim to provide the best toys for children and parents by focusing on: 


Our products are easy to play with and represent no harm since they are battery-free, no small pieces and rounded corners.


We cherish and protect the beauty of innocence, that’s why we create toys that suit age and developmental needs.


Our toys are created to last. They are made of corrugated plastic which means they are waterproof, marker friendly and resistant.


Collapsible toys and puzzles are great to develop skills for problem solving, cause and effect and conflict resolution.


Imaginative play is a meaningful part of childhood. Playhouses are ideal for role-playing scenarios and characters.

Play spaces are a source of inspiration for both, children and parents. Have a fun playtime with your child.

For small people
with big dreams

Bringing joy to parents and children means a lot to us.

We are children at heart, we leave our souls making goods to fill your days with imagination, inspiration and love.

Our goal is to bring magic to every home and every corner so that families can enjoy safe, fun and creative activities within the unlimited possibilities that our play spaces offer.

Collapsible playhouses and
toys for children

Made in Canada
for the world.

Our creations continue evolving with the time, yet the trademark aspects of our business remain the same.

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