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for Toddlers

Bring the fun in or outside, take your play space wherever you go.

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Playhouses for
creative boys and girls

Don’t stop the fun, all our playhouses are waterproof, washable and markers friendly.

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Playhouses for children

Make sure to provide them a safe place to play and explore their creativity.

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Take the fun
wherever you go

Collapsible and easy assembly 

It is very easy to assemble your kids’ dream in few minutes. You can disassemble it into a small bag for easy storage.

Its light weight makes it easy to carry the fun anywhere. They can also be used outdoors and are ideal for parks, backyards, trips or camping.

Learning while playing

Indoor • outdoor playhouses

We are imagination boosters

Toddlers need to interact with the world that surrounds them to nurture their imagination, and develop their physical, cognitive and emotional skills.

Traditional games and roleplaying games help boys and girls gain important abilities such as collaboration, confidence and responsibility which are necessary to face everyday challenges.

In a world full of videogames and digital amusement, playhouses are the perfect place for protecting children’s innocence, creativity and imagination

The perfect gift for
children and parents

Choose toys that potentiate child’s development and well-being. Playhouses are a fun way to stimulate their imagination. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities, portable playhouses are a place where family members will create magical memories.


no small pieces, rounded corners,
no batteries or electricity.


5 years materials warranty,
product liability insurance.


waterproof, washable,
markers friendly and weather resistant.


Collapsible, easy to store,
assemble and disassemble.

Non toxic

made of corrugated plastic
and non toxic materials.


We create sustainable products
in line with our values.

No mess after
playing time

Washable playhouses for kids

Are the walls of your house scrawled with cute drawings of stars, clouds, flowers, bees or sun? 

Drawing and coloring bring children the opportunity to express their thoughts and fantasies. By allowing them to color on surfaces you inspire their creativity and influence the development of skills that are vital as they grow.

Let your children decorate and colour the playhouse time and time again since they are: 

  • Washable Marker friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Cleanable walls 

Collapsible playhouses

Want to buy playhouses for kids and toddlers?

Beautiful and portable playhouses for young boys and girls between 1 to 6 years old. Our playspaces can easily be assembled and disassembled, and can be built indoors or outdoors without using any permanent space. Explore our shop and find yours:

Easy to store, easy to carry and safe for your kids

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